Notre Dame Academy was established July 2006. In 2006 St. Martin of Tours School, St. Bonaventure School, and St. Thomas Aquinas School closed their doors to form the first Buffalo Catholic Regional School. Our enrollment was at 425.

In September of 2006, Trinity Catholic Academy joined with Notre Dame Academy to form South Buffalo Catholic School. Then in 2008 Ambrose Catholic Academy became the third school which made the South Buffalo Catholic School complete with three campuses.

In 2013, Ambrose Catholic Academy and Trinity Catholic Academy merged into the Notre Dame Academy Campus. Currently students from 20 different parishes attend Notre Dame Academy.

We are part of the Church’s ministry of spreading and teaching the Christ’s Gospel message. We strive to help our students become conscious of their worth, values, duties and goals as individual members of Christ’s community. Through these efforts, we also strive to have each student become aware of the value and respect of every person. We work together to provide academic excellence, safety, family values, and Christian example.

At South Buffalo Catholic Notre Dame Academy, the goal is to build a faith community in which teachers, students, parents, and administrators support each other and grow in God’s love. And growing we are! In 2018 the school will have two campuses. Students from PreK3 though grade 4 will be in the building located at 1125 Abbott Road. Students in grades 5 – 8 will be in the school located at 260 OKell St.

This unique set-up will allow teachers more room to continue to provide students with excellent academic programs that integrate the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs of each child within the context of Catholic values.