Extended Day Program

The EDP program is an after-school program where parents may leave their children until they are able to pick them up after work. Students are able to complete their homework in a quiet environment and then spend time with their friends playing games or doing activities. Snacks are provided at a low cost and supervision is always provided by teachers.

Registration Form for the 2018-2019 School Year

Extended Day Program Rules

  • No leaving the room without permission

  • Stay in your seat during Homework/coloring time

  • No running

  • Clean up snack and after any activities

  • Be polite and use your manners

  • No talking back to teachers in charge

  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

  • No toys on Friday - it is MOVIE day for everyone

  • No sharing of electronic devices

These rules need to be enforced to keep EDP running in an organized, safe manner. Your child will receive 2 warnings if these rules are broken. On the 3rd time, your child’s behavior will be documented in a notebook and you will be advised at pick-up. If your child still does not correct the behavior after this - a letter will be sent home stating that if rules are not followed immediately then your child will no longer be able to attend our program.

We look forward to a fun year in EDP and know that your children will try their best each and every day!