NDA is excited to offer a Pre-Kindergarten program that runs five days a week, entry begins at 7:35 am. Students must be in the classroom by 7:55. Dismissal is 2:15 pm. In addition, we have a breakfast program that begins at 7:25 AM and an after school program that runs until 5:30 PM. Busing is available for Pre-K students who live in Buffalo. We offer a reduced tuition rate for students who qualify for the UPK discount. Our Pre-K program follows Buffalo’s Universal Pre-Kindergarten program requirements. Read below to determine if your child qualifies for the UPK tuition rate.

Eligibility for the UPK discount

The student must have been born in the year 2015.

The student must have a current address within the city limits of Buffalo, NY and remain at a Buffalo address for the entire school year. (Proof of address will be requested)


Pre-K 3 (5 day/full day program) - $4,500 per child

Pre-K 4 UPK (5 day/full day program; Buffalo UPK Rate) - $2,475 per child

Pre-K 4 (5 day/full day program) - Parishioner Rate - $3,250 per child

(Please be sure to list the name of your Parish on the registration form)

Pre-K 4 (5 day/full day program) - Non -Parishioner Rate - $5,050 per child

*There is no multi-child rate in the Pre-K program

Fee Schedule.jpg

Any questions regarding the Notre Dame Academy Pre-Kindergarten Program can be directed to Mrs. Ann Fredo. Please call the school office at 824-0726.

Pre-K Registration Checklist:

  • Complete NDA Registration Form

  • Registration Fee

  • Publicity Release Form

  • Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate

  • Copy of Parent’s License with current address (proof of address)

  • Immunization Records

UPK Eligible Students:

  • 1 Additional Form for Address Verification (electric/cable/gas bill or pay stub within the last 30 days)

  • BPS UPK Registration Form (2-sided)

  • Student Racial/Ethnic Identification

*Completed medical forms, health history forms, and an updated physical are also required. They can be submitted before September 1st.