Parent Portal


Parent Portal accounts can be opened and you will be able to access the grades of your 6th – 8th grade child. If you have children in lower grades, although you may be able to see their name displayed, the portal will not work for them at this time. To gain access to your account, please contact Mrs. Brennan and she will give you your child’s username and password

Please use the following process to register your account:

  • Go to the eSchool web site found at (do not forget the “s” is https)

  • Enter username _________________________ and password ___________________________ . This will give you access to student information for your middle schooler(s).

  • You must click on “I Agree” to the Terms of Use to move forward

  • The next screen will prompt you to change your password

You should then be able to see the name(s) of your middle school child(ren). If you click on the ID# next to their name, you will be taken to their profile page. At this time, the only information that you will be able to retrieve will be found under Gradebook.

  • On the left hand side, click on a class

  • Classwork information will be available to you including the assignment, the date of assignment, maximum points (which is what the entire assignment is worth) and grade.

  • Not all grades will be out of 100 points so if you see a number 9, it does not necessarily mean 9%, it could be 9 out of 10 points.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We appreciate your patience as we are opening this new communication tool. Hopefully glitches will be few and this will be a way of knowing how your student is doing in classes.

The Parent Portal is a powerful tool to improve communication between parents and their children. If you have a question about a grade, please adhere to the following steps:

Step #1 – Discuss the assignment with your child.

Step #2 – If there is still a question, empower your child to speak to the teacher. Please allow this to happen prior to parental contact.

***Grades are updated as time allows, therefore the portal may not be a fully accurate reflection of your child’s work to date. By accessing and entering the Parent Portal, you agree to accept the terms listed above.