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Admissions at Notre Dame Academy Buffalo NY


All students must be up to date with their NYS required vaccines by the start of school. Any students that are not compliant by the first day of school will be given 14 days to become compliant. After day 14, if the student is not compliant, they will be excluded from school until they are compliant.

If you have decided not to have your child receive the vaccines, your child will not be able to attend our school after the deadline and must formally withdraw from NDA. After the date has passed, the public school district in which your child lives, will be notified by NDA that your child is longer attending NDA for failure to receive the state-mandated immunizations.The public school district will reach out to you to discuss options for meeting the mandatory school attendance requirement for your child.

NYS School Vaccine Requirements  |  2024-2025 NYS Immunization Requirements for School