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Academics at Notre Dame Academy - Buffalo Catholic School

Social Studies

Notre Dame Academy purchased this curriculum because it is a research-based student-centered instructional model with a four-part structure enhances teaching and learning. Students will interact with the content by Connecting, Investigating, Synthesizing and demonstrating their understating. Each chapter begins with the Essential Question which introduces students to the unit. A Jumpstart Activity is incorporated to engage student sin fun ways; in addition the SING/RAP feature introduces students to vocabulary through song or rap addressing all styles of learning! Our NDA students love the Quests that they take every week through their technology feature!


  • Unit One- Learning and Working Together
  • Unit Two- National and State Symbols
  • Unit Three- Work Now and Long Ago
  • Unit Four- Geography of the Neighborhood
  • Unit Five- Time and Chronology
  • Unit Six- Learning about the Past

1st Grade

  • Unit One- Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens
  • Unit Two- Geography of the Community
  • Unit Three- Symbols and Traditions of the United States
  • Unit Four- Life Today and Long Ago
  • Unit Five- One Nation, Many People
  • Unit Six- Work in the Community

2nd Grade

  • Unit One- Families Today and in the Past
  • Unit Two- People, Places, and Nature
  • Unit Three- Government
  • Unit Four- People Who Supply Our Goods and Services
  • Unit Five- Making a Difference
  • Unit Six- Our American Culture

3rd Grade

  • Unit One- Our Environment
  • Unit Two- Economics
  • Unit Three- Communities Build a Nation
  • Unit Four- Government, Landmarks, and Symbols
  • Unit Five- Citizenship and Civic Engagement
  • Unit Six- A Growing Nation
  • Unit Seven- Celebration Our Communities

4th Grade

  • Unit One- The Geography of New York
  • Unit Two- Three Worlds Meet
  • Unit Three- Colonial New York
  • Unit Four- The Revolutionary War in New York State
  • Unit Five- A New Nation
  • Unit Six- Social Change and the Civil War
  • Unit Seven- New York Transforms
  • Unit Eight- New York Government
  • Unit Nine- New York in the 21st Century

5th Grade

  • Unit One- The First Americans
  • Unit Two- Age of Exploration
  • Unit Three-Settling the Colonies in North America
  • Unit Four- Life in the Colonies
  • Unit Five- The American Revolution
  • Unit Six- A New Nation
  • Unit Seven- Life in the Young Republic
  • Unit Eight- Westward Expansion
  • Unit Nine- Civil War and Reconstruction