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Student Activities at Notre Dame Academy


Notre Dame Academy has one of the largest Athletic Programs in the Diocese of Buffalo. Throughout the year we have over 30 teams participating in leagues throughout Western New York. We are able to provide athletic opportunities to students in 1st grade through 8th grade. 

Participation in physical activity has a significant positive impact on people's health and well-being.  Therefore, Notre Dame Academy feels that children need to participate on athletic teams, as long as the student expresses a desire to join a sports team. The NDA sports program, does everything possible to avoid cutting players from sports teams. We try to instill in our students ideals of teamwork, sportsmanship, and commitment, while contributing to the physical development of a child.

Here is a breakdown of the sports that we offer our student athletes throughout the school year: 

Fall Sports:  

  • Soccer - 1st -8th grade (coed)
  • Baseball - 5th-8th grade (boys)
  • Cross Country - 5th - 8th grade (coed) 

Winter Sports: 

  • Cheerleading - 3rd - 8th
  • Basketball - 1st- 8th grade (coed) 

Spring Sports: 

  • Track - 3rd -8th grade (coed)
  • Softball - 5th - 8th (girls)
  • Ice Hockey - 5th - 8th grade (coed) - Must be a member of US Hockey - Additional  Cost

All of our sports registrations and communications are run through SportsEngine, which is an NBC Sports affiliate. See the registration page for a breakdown of the costs.

NDA Sports Committee

Notre Dame Academy's sport program is operated by the principal, athletic director, regular sports committee members, as well as the support of coaches, parents, and volunteers.

Notre Dame Academy Sports Policies

Please look at the NDA Athletic Handbook (pg 26) regarding any questions or concerns within the NDA Sports Program. Any question not answered from the handbook can be answered by the Athletic Director and/or a Sports Committee Member.

Any player that hasn't returned a sports jersey from the Fall or Spring seasons, please do so by the end of the year. Jerseys must be brought to school in a bag labeled with a note inside.

Also anybody that might be interested in coaching a sport please contact Mr. Bartosik.