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Abbott Procare App for Prek - Kindergarten

Student attendance will now be done through the Procare App. This app shows parents when your student has been checked in at school and then if you pick up your child, you will be signing your child out using this app as well. If you are currently using our Procare app for our afterschool program you are familiar with what we are going to be using.

Abbott Arrival Procedures:

  • Abbott students will be allowed to enter school at 7:30am and have breakfast.
  • Classes begin at 7:55am and students will be considered tardy unless there is a doctor excuse accompanied with the child.
  • If a child is late, parents MUST come into the school to sign their child in for the day.
  • Students need to be here on time to not miss any important instruction.

Abbott Drop Off:

  • We are going to try using both Hansen and Downing entrances. We will have teachers stationed at all doors on Hansen and Downing. Students can hop out of the car and teachers will be there to assist students.
  • We will still use the leprechaun doors for our PREK 3 and PRE K 4 students and you will need to park on Abbott Road or at the church to drop your child off.
  • Our main entrance on Abbott will also be open and monitored by teachers.

Abbott Dismissal Procedures:

When you arrive to pick up your Prek - Kindgarten child there will be a QR CODE for you to scan with your cell phone, once you scan the QR code it will ask for your password. Once the teacher sees you have checked out your child, they will bring them to the LEprechaun Door. For those without cell phones, they can show a photo ID to the teacher and manually hand sign the clipboard that the teacher will have for manual sign-outs.

Our Children will also be using all our door entrances and maximizing the use of our building for our Dismissal Procedures:

  • PreK3 and Prek4 students will be dismissed at 2 p.m. using the Leprechaun doors. If your PreK student has a sibling, the PreK student can wait until the sibling gets dismissed at 2:15. If the PreK student will be placed in aftercare they will be charged beginning at 2:15.
  • Kindergarten students will be dismissed at 2:15 p.m. using the Leprechaun doors.
  • Students that are siblings will all be dismissed at 2:15 using the Main Entrance doors by the office.
  • 1st and 2nd Grade students will be dismissed at 2:15 using the doors on Downing St.
  • 3rd Grade will be dismissed at 2:25 using the exit on Downing St.
  • 4th Grade will be dismissed at 2:25 using the Main Entrance by the Office.
  • 5th Grade will be dismissed at 2:25 by the Leprechaun Doors.

Please take note if you are a family you are all dismissed at one door, you are not running to five different doors!

Okell Arrival Procedures:

  • Students may begin entering the building at 7:15 for breakfast, and may go to homeroom starting at 7:25.
  • Students need to enter through the church door only until Okell is opened back up. We will notify parents when that will occur. 
  • Homeroom starts at 7:40 and are considered late at 7:41. First period starts at 7:50
  • If your child comes into the school building after the 7:40am bell they are considered tardy and will receive a lunch detention if there is no doctor’s excuse. (Of course, we will be lenient during the first two weeks of school.)

Okell Dismissal Procedures:

  • Dismissal for bus students is 2:05 and walkers/riders will begin at 2:10. For the time being students will be dismissed out the church door.