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Note Dame Academy - Middle School

Brian Bartosik

Brian BartosikI am the Middle School Math teacher, teaching students in 6th-8th grade. I love working with students at this age level, because I find the Mathematics to be both realistic and relevant to students and their lives. When educating, I like to make sure my students are part of the learning process. Rather than providing students with data, I like to have the students participate in surveys and then use the data provided to answer word problems and write ratios. Students learn how to determine percentages, as well as tax, tip, discounts, mark ups, and mark downs, which they will use daily throughout their lives when shopping or going out to eat. When teaching my students, I always think of the student(s) sitting at their desks asking “Why am I learning this?” “How will I use this in my life?” I always try to make sure that I answer that question and try to provide real life examples when teaching and introducing my lessons. Utilizing Google Classroom, Google Slides, Padlets, and Kahoots are ways that I build community in the classroom and check for student understanding. In 6th grade my students end the year by working for companies throughout the world and creating a survey to learn about consumer’s thoughts and feelings. They learn about surveys, sample methods, biases, and the importance of backing up conclusions with data, by determining percentages. My 7th grade students complete  a “Let’s Take a Trip!” Project, where they learn about budgeting, and planning a trip focusing on transportation, lodging, entertainment and food, while also determining the percent spent with each categories. My 8th grade students give back to the younger students before they leave Notre Dame Academy by engineering Probability Fair games for students in Kindergarten through third grade to participate in. As an educator, I feel like it is very important to build relationships with my student so they feel comfortable learning, and become confident in themselves and engaged in the classroom.

When I am not teaching, I am the Athletic Director at NDA. I also coach Soccer, Track, and run Intramural Sports for the Okell Campus. Through Athletics and Intramurals, I am able to get to know more about my students outside of the classroom, which is essential in building and fostering relationship. Our Athletic Programs build community within our school, and I truly enjoy watching students work together for a common goal, cheering them on as they try and accomplish their goals. While Athletics play a large role in the life of students at Notre Dame Academy, we are also blessed to have many great teachers who allow students to become the best versions of themselves through the plays, clubs, and extracurricular activities that we offer.