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About Notre Dame Academy - Buffalo Catholic School

About Notre Dame Academy

Mission Statement:  Notre Dame Academy(NDA) is a growing, passionate Regional School, dedicated to enriching students’ lives with the highest values in academic, moral and Catholic education.

Our mission is to provide a foundation for Christian living by integrating and nurturing faith through teaching and example and thereby becoming an extension of the teaching mission of the Roman Catholic Church. Notre Dame Academy is a Christ-centered community which stimulates academic excellence and emphasizes family values and respect of self and others all in an atmosphere of kindness, love and understanding. We are committed to balancing physical, spiritual, intellectual and social growth for our students so that they mature into responsible, self-disciplined citizens, developing and supporting a dynamic faculty and staff comprised of dedicated professionals, providing a physical facility conducive to reaching our goals, encouraging parental involvement of time and talent, continually developing and evaluating decisions, options and actions consistent with this mission, these values and beliefs.

We endeavor to have an academic program with high standards, beginning with a curriculum for each academic subject for each grade.  This helps to ensure that all our students are studying and learning focused on outcomes-based standards.

NDA includes a strong social formation.  A major aspect of this is accomplished through our very extensive sports program.  Our students learn to be part of a team, to cooperate and to get along with each other.  We offer various clubs after school and offer many opportunities for students to interact with both each other and with our faculty and staff. 

As a Roman Catholic school, we offer a sound faith formation, which includes not only an academic aspect, but a strong spiritual experience as well.  All the school gathers weekly for Mass.  In addition, we offer multiple opportunities to put our faith into action.  These focus on age-appropriate service projects, such as cards and letters to people in nursing homes.

We strive to consistently forming our children academically, socially and spiritually.