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Note Dame Academy - Middle School


"It's where Faith & Life come together!"

Connect! Bringing Faith to Life is a 3-year interactive program that presents the core teachings of the Catholic faith to middle school students in grades 6–8, in a way that helps them connect learning with living.

Dive into the pillars of the faith! Each year of the program explores the four doctrinal pillars of the Catholic faith (The Creed, Liturgy and Sacraments, Christian Morality and Justice, and Prayer). The third year adds seven chapters of focused study on Church history. The students access the content for this study in a separate student book created just for this topic. 

Dig into the Bible! Each year, the students will encounter additional chapters that explore key themes and passages from Scripture, using the Bible as their primary text. The students will not simply read about the Bible. They will read the Bible itself.