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Academics at Notre Dame Academy - Buffalo Catholic School

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

PBIS LogoDevoted

Show respect to all
Always try our/your best
Include everyone
No room for negativity - stay positive and motivated
Teamwork - together we can achieve anything
Show good character

What is PBIS?

PBIS is an incentive behavior program to recognize all students for doing what is expected of them; research has shown if you praise and give positives that the negative behaviors will lessen because students like the positive praise.

What are the NDA SAINTS PBIS expectations?

  • Be Neighborly
  • Be Devoted
  • Be Accountable

What does it look like to be NEIGHBORLY, DEVOTED, and ACCOUNTABLE at NDA?

  • The NDA SAINTS Expectation Matrix outlines what these will look like across different school settings. There are also signs throughout the building to indicate expectations in different settings.
  • These expectations are being taught to our students by our teachers. They will have refreshers provided daily throughout the school year.

How are students acknowledged for showing the NDA SAINTS PBIS expectations?

  • Students in all grades that are caught going above and beyond will receive postcards in the mail for displaying PBIS character traits! 
  • We will recognize positive behavior by handing out tickets to students in grades PreK - 5. Students will put their name and teacher on the ticket. (teachers will help the younger students with this) The tickets will be put into a grade level bucket. At the end of the week, the principal will pull one ticket out of each bucket. The students' names will be announced on the announcements and those students will get whatever the prize is for that week.
  • Students in grades 6-8 will earn a token for following our PBIS expectations. They will place the token in a grade level cylinder. At the middle of the trimester and at the end of the trimester, the grade with the most tokens will get the 1st level of rewards, the grade with the second most amount of tokens will get the 2nd level of rewards, and the final grade level will receive the 3rd level of rewards. These rewards will take on a more social look. It all depends on the month's rewards.

          Ex. kickball games, free time, phones out, ice cream sundaes, etc.

  • If your child is in grades 6-8 and they receive a postcard and they bring it into their homeroom teacher, that child is directly involved in the reward of the trimester.

What happens when students don’t show the NDA SAINTS PBIS expectations?

  • When students fail to meet expectations, we must teach the students the correct behavior and provide corrective consequences. For minor referrals, grades

Pre-K - 8 will focus on natural consequences and we will notify the parents. For major referrals, where students are sent to the office, the parents will be notified, and the student will sit with a counselor and discuss what is going on and why they are having a hard time following our expectations.

  • A reflection sheet could also be used to help students reflect on their behavior. Any student that comes to the office for a major referral will fill out a reflection sheet.

Students at Notre Dame Academy will meet the NDA SAINTS goals by being neighborly, devoted, and accountable. They will also show respect to all, try their best, include others while working together, stay positive, and show good character.

Teachers and staff members will teach and model PBIS expectations daily. They will acknowledge students' positive behavior through verbal praise, postcards, and incentive awards. The morning announcements will also reinforce our expectations.

Together, through positive relationships and consistency, we will continue to make Notre Dame successful. If you have any questions, please ask a teacher or any members of the PBIS committee.