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Academics at Notre Dame Academy - Buffalo Catholic School


STREAM educates students for their future.  The idea of emphasizing the subject areas of  STEM: Science,  Technology,  Engineering, and  Math has been driven by the business community to prepare a more agile, educated workforce for our country's future. It is evident that our economy is truly driven by innovation and the creativity and communication nurtured through the "Arts" is an essential component to innovation and worthy of emphasis as well.  Rooted in our faith as Catholic schools, "Religion" is woven throughout all subjects and completes the picture for a holistic approach to education.  STREAM  schools,  therefore, are the necessary  evolution of STEM Schools in Buffalo,  using an interdisciplinary approach to bridge subject areas.

STREAM Education makes learning relevant

STREAM Education allows academic concepts to be coupled with increased real life application in all the disciplines.  Students become involved in hands-on projects where problem solving, collaboration, and the results of their efforts make lessons more relevant than a textbook alone.  Increased technology to enhance learning is emphasized, and career  connections as well as exposure to working professionals further relates students to their own learning and their futures!  It helps answer the "Why are we learning this?" question.

Woz Ed

Woz ED, founded and inspired by Steve Wozniak, an American electronics engineer, and cofounder of Apple, is a K-12 Science and STEM Curriculum provider that places students on a pathway to science and technology. Woz ED is the leader in demand-driven K-12 education.

Having Woz Ed. at NDA has created excitement in our school community. Parents have enrolled their children at NDA because they heard what we were doing with our STREAM Program. The students who are enrolled are excited to start their journey of STREAM learning.

Note Dame has purchased three Woz ED kits which include: 3-D printer, Drone, and Animation. All Woz Ed kits are hands-on learning. At NDA we are focused on implementing Woz. Ed at the middle school level in a fully immersive STREAM school setting.

We have been teaming up with  community partners, Fitzhenry LDI, CIMINELLI and 43North.

Classroom Activities

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finances - Bank account managment, check writting, store management, applying for jobs
  • Research, blueprints, development
  • Coding
  • Drones
  • Technology
  • Building bridges
  • Developing their own board games
  • 3D Printing

STREAM in Action