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Note Dame Academy - Middle School

Bobby Stevens

Bobby StevensMy name is Robert (Bobby) Stevens and I am the Middle School Foreign Language teacher here at Notre Dame Academy. I have been an educator for 4 years, two of which have been at Notre Dame. I graduated from St. Bonaventure University with a Bachelor's degree in International Relations (with a focus in The Middle East) and a minor in Arabic Language. Prior to graduation, I received my certification in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and began teaching English in The Middle East. While teaching in The Middle East, I continued to take intensive Arabic lessons to perfect my language abilities. Outside of the classroom, I am passionate about coaching and sports. 

Similar to the saying “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink”, I believe you can lead a student to knowledge but you cannot make them learn. Only through fostering relationships, building trust, and relating to student experiences, you can create an atmosphere where students are eager to learn. For this reason, I strive to make my lessons as engaging and interactive as possible. For example, country groups, monthly prizes, review games, challenges, etc. 

This year, students will be following the curriculum from Jusuur 1 Beginner Level Arabic Textbook. Some of the topics we will be covering/reinforcing are alphabet, numbers, greetings/introductions, free-time, invitations, family, and more. Also, students will be learning about cultures, traditions and countries in The Middle East. Throughout the year, students will be practicing speaking, reading, writing, and listening.