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Uniform Policy

Downloadable Uniform Policy PDF

All students in kindergarten through 8th- grade wear the uniform the first day of school to the close of the school year, unless otherwise designated. Pre-K students do not wear uniforms. The school dress code is fair and in keeping with the philosophy of a Catholic School. Students should take pride in their appearance and are expected to be neatly dressed and groomed. It is the parent's responsibility to ensure the proper dress of their child(ren) when they attend school by keeping uniforms neat and clean.

Required Uniform


  • Plaid jumper/skirt/skort can be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
    • Jumper - Kindergarten - Grade 3 (optional)
    • Skorts - Grades K-8 (green & blue plaid style)
    • Kilt/skirt - Grades 4-8 (style 137, color 7g)
  • Pants
    • Solid khaki dress pants (No cargo pants.)
  • Shorts
    • Solid khaki dress shorts (No cargo shorts.) (Sept. - Oct. 15) (May 1 - June 21)
  • Socks/tights -
    • Solid navy blue, hunter green, black or white knee socks or tights
    • Ankle socks may be worn during short season (“no show” socks are not allowed)
    • If socks have a symbol on them (Nike swish, etc.) socks may only be black or white, no neon symbols.
  • Jewelry
    • One ring, a watch, a religious symbol, one rubber “cause” bracelet, and only one pair of small earrings are allowed. (No hoop or dangling earrings.)
  • Make-up
    • Is not permitted.
  • Nail Polish 
    • Clear nail polish only; no tint or color is permitted. No artificial nails.


  • Pants
    • Solid khaki dress pants (No cargo pants.)
  • Shorts
    • Solid khaki dress shorts (No cargo shorts.) (Sept. - Oct. 15) (May 1 - June 21)
  • Socks -
    • Solid navy blue, hunter green, black or white mid - calf socks.
    • If socks have a symbol on them (Nike swish, etc.) socks may only be black or white, no neon symbols
    • No show socks are not allowed.
  • Jewelry
    • A watch, religious symbol, one rubber “cause” bracelet.
    •  Are allowed to wear 1 stud earring
    • No nail polish

Boys and Girls:

  • Golf polo shirt
    • Long or short sleeves - hunter green or navy blue with embroidered NDA or solid color
  • Sneakers may be worn to school instead of dress shoes. Make sure they have sneakers for gym class.
  • Spiritwear t-shirts are not permissible instead of uniform shirts.

Optional for Girls and Boys:

  • Sweaters: Solid navy blue, hunter green, or white (pullover or cardigan)
  • Sweatshirt: Any Notre Dame Academy regular or sports sweatshirt may be worn.
  • Fleece: Notre Dame Academy fleece.

***These items must be Notre Dame Academy NOT Notre Dame University

ALL students are to adhere to the following: (The following will be strictly followed)

  • No “fad” hairstyles including unnaturally dyed hair, two-tone hair, highlights must look natural, (spiked (girls/boys), cut-out (girls/boys) or tails (boys).  
  • The boy's hair must be an appropriate length: above the eyebrows, ears, and not touching the collar. (conserative cut)
  • Hair should not be hanging in a girl’s eyes.
  • No high heels, flip-flops, clogs, slippers, moccasins, hiking boots, or sandals.
  • No hats or bandanas. 

Dress Down/Jeans Day Dress Code

  • Clothes may be casual but appropriate for school.
  • Jeans and sneakers are permitted; no shorts or hats unless directed otherwise.  Shorts are permitted during shorts season.  They must be a reasonable length which is at least fingertip length.
  • T-shirts/sweatshirts are to be appropriate for a Catholic Elementary School.
  • No fashions that would be considered inappropriate for school such as:
    • Spaghetti straps
    • Crop tops
    • Bare midriffs
    • Bare backs
    • Baggy clothes
    • No pajama pants
    • Designs that advertise drug, alcohol, tobacco, or other offensive logos will not be permitted.

Another Uniform Option

We have an exciting new option for uniforms this year in addition to our current uniforms. Tommy Hilfilger has a great line of comfortable uniforms and Notre Dame has partnered with them. To shop for uniforms, go to You will need to enter our school partner number: NOTR06. Once you are there, the site is easy to navigate through. 

The Administration will make the final determination as to whether or not a student’s attire violates the dress code.  Modesty will be stressed.  Any unusual appearance in clothing or hair is unacceptable.  Extreme weather conditions will be taken into consideration.  If a student is not adhering to the dress code, his/her parents/guardians will be notified and arrangements will be made to have appropriate clothing brought to school.  If the dress code is continuously violated, a parent conference will be requested by Administration.