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Mike Golda Coach of the Year Award
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Mike Golda Coach of the Year Award

When I (Mr Bartosik) first was offered the opportunity to become the Athletic Director at Notre Dame Academy. I remember sitting down (very overwhelmed) with our former Athletic Director, Jack Hoffstetter, as we went through every team, league, form, requirement, and detail of running a Sports Program as large as ours. In that meeting, Jack went through every coach we had at the time, and one of the coaches that he mentioned to me was: Mike Golda. 

As Jack said at that time “No matter what sport, or age level, if you need a coach, reach out to Mike, and I am sure he will help you.” Jack’s advice was 100% accurate, as Mike Golda has been there to help coach ever since I started my journey as an Athletic Director. 

Coach Golda started coaching for Notre Dame Academy in 2015  and has coached every single season since. For the last 10 years, Mike has given his time, energy, and enthusiasm in coaching or athletes as well as his children: Lorelai, Laila, Lennox, Londynn, and soon to be sports star, Landree. 

This year alone, Mike has coached 1st and 2nd grade soccer, 1st and 2nd grade basketball, and Varsity Girls Softball. Being a coach, husband, and father to 5 children, and finding the time, energy, and commitment to coach (3) sports, and coaching a team in every sports season for Notre Dame, is truly remarkable and very much appreciated. I would also like to thank Mike’s wife, Roxan, for allowing him to spend time away from home, in coaching and mentoring our student athletes. 

With Lorelai graduating from Notre Dame Academy last year, and Laila graduating this year, it seemed like the perfect time to honor Mike, and to thank him for his hard work, dedication, and his willingness to always help coach our student athletes. We hope that Mike will continue to coach for many years to come, and we want him to know how truly lucky we are to have him here, as he passionately coaches and encourages our student athletes to become the best versions of themselves. 

We present him with his “Coach of the Year,” Award, as a “Thank You” for all of his years of service and coaching our student athletes.